About Us

Why Medical Debt? Why here? Why now?

Every year, medical debt causes 15 million Americans to go insolvent or bankrupt. Every year, hundreds of medical practices and smaller hospitals go belly up.

Our charity, RIP Medical Debt, has chosen to be the lead sponsor of this important website because we abolish medical debt caused by a healthcare system that unfortunately leaves so much serious financial distress in its wake.

We selected Medical Debt Hub as an important vector for our work and many others who could help us come up with solutions. We welcome contributions from all sectors of society that are dealing with medical debt issues.

We chose to do this now because healthcare is being hotly debated on the national scene, and because those with contesting views need to have a “safe haven” where facts can be found and — hopefully — ideology set aside.

We believe that you are here because medical debt and its impact is important to you, your city and state and our country. Now is the time for learning from thought-leaders, policy makers and innovators.

Thank you for visiting and for all that you add to what’s being discussed and debated. An old saying goes, “All of us are smarter than any of us.” We hope this site will prove that’s so.