New reporting: The House Subcommittee of Education and Labor will the hearing on April 2

House Planning Hearing on Surprise Medical Bills — ‘First Ever’

For anyone following the growing surprise medical bills issue, it should be no surprise that Vox Senior Correspondent Sarah Kliff has broken big news: A congressional aide has told her that “the House will hold a hearing on the issue on April 2. The hearing is meant to explore the scope of the problem and what types of policy solutions would be best to fix it.”

Kliff adds: “The hearing will be convened by a subcommittee of Education and Labor, which has jurisdiction over some of the key laws that regulate surprise medical bills.”

“As far as I can tell, this will be the first-ever congressional hearing on surprise medical bills. And according to the aide I spoke with, who asked for anonymity to discuss a hearing that isn’t yet public, you can expect to hear from a mix of academics who study the issue, patients who have been hurt by surprise bills, and the nonprofits that advocate for those patients.”

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