Anytime is a wonderful time to have your medical debt erased. But Christmastime is extra special. 

Secret Santas: More Yellow Envelopes Erase Medical Debt

Anytime is a wonderful time to have your medical debt erased. But Christmastime is extra special.

The Associated Press reports on some “secret Santas” — the RIP Medical Debt team and the supporters who help fund the group that erases peoples medical debt.

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“Philip Sasser had a familiar, sinking feeling when he saw the yellow envelope in his mailbox. He figured it was another past-due medical bill, but it turned out to be quite the opposite.”

“’I opened it up and it said these bills had been paid off,’ said Sasser, of Milton, Florida. ‘I didn’t understand. It was out of the blue.’”

“Sasser is among the lucky recipients of a letter from RIP Medical Debt, a Rye, New York-based nonprofit that uses money from donors to eliminate crushing medical debt that threatens the financial well-being of hundreds of thousands of American families. The charity says it has erased $475 million in debt for more than 250,000 people since it was founded four years ago.”

The piece continues:

“For Sasser, 45, the debt relieved was $1,200 not covered by his high-deductible insurance for his wife’s debilitating medical condition she’s been grappling with for six years. Sasser had to cut way back on his advertising and graphic design business to care for her and their two teenage boys.”

“’To have these large bills looming and no way to pay was a source of constant stress,’ Sasser said. “’When I opened that letter, it lifted a huge weight off.’”

“Reagen Adair, a fifth-grade teacher in Murchison, Texas, had $3,100 in debt erased by RIP. She was inspired to pay it forward by making a donation to the charity to help others struggling with medical bills.”

For more information on the issues surrounding medical debt, please contact RIP Medical Debt.