McClatchy works with RIP Medical Debt to help ease the burden of medical debt among veterans, servicemembers and their families.

Medical Debt Help for Veterans Via McClatchy, RIP Medical Debt

As states: “You’ll never guess who’s buying up and forgiving medical debt for veterans.”

The piece reports: “For service members, veterans and their families saddled with crippling medical-debt, relief is here from (checking notes)… print journalism?”

“In a partnership with RIP Medical Debt, a non-profit that buys up and forgives medical debt, The McClatchy Company, which owns 29 daily newspapers across 14 states, is raising money to erase millions of dollars in medical debt held by military families.”

Indeed, McClatchy reported that “To kick off the campaign, the McClatchy Foundation has approved a donation that will enable RIP Medical Debt to abolish $1 million in medical debt for military families.”

Helping Address Veterans’ Medical Debt

RIP Medical Debt co-found (and former U.S. Navy journalist) Jerry Ashton is quoted: “Our military servicemembers give selflessly everyday to defend the values and freedoms of this country.”

Said Craig Forman, CEO of McClatchy: “We’re proud to join with our communities across the country to tap into the collective force of our compassion to support our veterans and their families — beyond our profound gratitude — in this meaningful way. We’re confident that our viewers and readers across the country will be motivated to contribute to this effort, inspired by the extraordinary work our journalists produce in honor of Veterans Day and beyond.”

In addition, McClatchy launched its “War Within Initiative” on Veterans Day with a call to action encouraging viewers and readers across its 30 newsrooms to donate to RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that buys bundles of medical debt at a steep discount and forgives it. McClatchy is also supporting the fundraising effort with a social media campaign on the Facebook pages of these local newsrooms across the country and after each episode of “The War Within” on Facebook Watch, which will run until the end of January 2019.

More than half of McClatchy’s newsrooms across 14 states are located about an hour’s drive from a U.S. military base.

Video on Veterans Also Supports Medical Debt Reduction

See the trailer to “The War Within,” McClatchy’s 10-part documentary series exploring veterans living with PTSD.

For more information on the issues surrounding medical debt, please contact RIP Medical Debt.