End Medical Debt: Curing America’s $1 Trillion Unpayable Healthcare Debt 

End Medical Debt: Curing America’s $1 Trillion Unpayable Healthcare Debt (Book)

End Medical Debt: Curing America’s $1 Trillion Unpayable Healthcare Debt 
by Jerry Ashton (Author), Robert Goff (Author), Craig Antico (Author), Judah Freed (Editor)

In our urgent public debates about our broken healthcare system, we have overlooked the devastating personal and social impact of America’s medical debt crisis. Millions of Americans face $1 trillion in unpayable medical debt!

The three authors of End Medical Debt in 2014 began RIP Medical Debt, a tax-exempt charity that locates, buys and forgives medical debt. RIP first came to America’s attention in 2016 when HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” used the charity to abolish $15 million in medical debt. In response to public support since then, by the end of 1018, RIP had abolished a half billion dollars in medical debt for 250,000 Americans in communities across the country.

From their distinct viewpoints as debt collections and healthcare administration insiders, the three authors take a realistic look at our healthcare system, revealing how and why we got into this mess of skyrocketing costs, shrinking insurance coverage, rising deductibles, and mounting medical debt. They view debt forgiveness as a necessary interim solution until we agree on a better financial structure for our unhealthy healthcare system.

End Medical Debt delves into the most popular proposed solutions — repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, insurance reform, drug price controls, adding a Medicare Option to the ACA fo9r those over age 50 or 55, and Medicare-for-All (single-payer universal healthcare). The book concludes with the call for an American Medical Debt Commission that reports to Congress annually about the national medical debt crisis.

The book further presents practical tips for those burdened by personal medical debt.

The authors are industry insiders:

  • Jerry Ashton — 40 years in the credit and collections industry.
  • Robert Goff — 40 years in healthcare administration management.
  • Craig Antico — 30 years in collections, debt buying and consulting.

Robert Goff and Jerry Ashton are the co-authors of The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector: A Medical Debt Survival Guide, published in 2016 by Hoku House.

The authors are donating 100 percent of their royalties to forgiving medical debt.

For more information on the issues surrounding medical debt, please contact RIP Medical Debt.