Medical Debt by the Numbers

KUTV donated $12,500 to RIP Medical Debt “to help relieve debt for our viewers.”

With that money they were able to:

  • Pay off $1,427,692.29 of debt
  • Help 555 Utahns
  • Help people in 15 different counties
  • The smallest amount of debt we paid off for one person was $100.
  • The largest amount we paid off for one person was $33,579.71.
  • The average amount paid per person was $1,125.00.

According to the 2016 US Census, of the 3.7 million people in KUTV’s viewing area, 711,000 have medical debt on their credit reports. That debt totals: $1,077,154,669.

For more information on the issues surrounding medical debt, please contact RIP Medical Debt.