Enough to Take Your Breath Away – A $250M Medical Debt Forgiveness Gift

For RIP Medical Debt, sometimes the unexpected degree of pleasure we get more than compensates for the overwhelm we sometimes feel in our mission to relieve Americans of unpaid and unpayable medical debt.

This is one of those times.

On Friday, November 2, 2018 we formally announced that a donor couple, choosing to remain anonymous, had contributed above $2,000,000 to RIP. The purpose of that donation was – is – to support our work and for us to locate, buy and forgive $250,000,000 in medical debt across the U.S.

One-quarter-billion-dollars in medical bills suddenly vanished from someone’s kitchen table.

The weekly magazine and website Modern Healthcare quickly shared the good news by way of this article. The story rippled out through NBC owned and operated TV stations, such as these two pieces by NBC-4 in NYC and NBC-4 in LA. More attention is expected when the impact of this incredible gift reaches local newsrooms.

What was their motivation?

In the forgiveness letters to fortunate recipients, we were requested to include this explanation from the couple: 

Catastrophic illness strikes people in all walks of life without warning. Paralyzing medical debt hits people when they’re down, turning tragedy to travesty. A quarter billion dollars is just the tip of the immense iceberg of debt submerging millions of Americans in a sea of hopelessness that can adversely affect the course of their illnesses, damaging their ability to recover.

We only wish that we could do more. We pray for a day when disease is the only thing patients will need to fight and the one-two punch of life-threatening illness and overwhelming debt will no longer face so many of our fellow Americans.

Clear enough?

They were also quite clear as to how their donation is to be used:

  1. $100,000,000 immediately to abolish debt across the U.S.
  2. $50,000,000 to abolish veteran and military medical debt to be announced at RIP Medical Debt summits on 11/10/18 (the day before communities across the U.S. celebrate Veterans Day.)
  3. $50,000,000 to be released the week leading to Thanksgiving week.
  4. $50,000,000 to be released the week for the December holidays.

This certainly took our breath away. We wonder if it did for the fortunate recipients of that letter.

For more information on the issues surrounding medical debt, please contact RIP Medical Debt.