Medical Debt Often Raises Credit Issues for Disabled

“Researchers have found that adults with disabilities are more likely to have unpaid medical bills than those without a disability, even when they have health insurance,” the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.

“According to a 2017 report called “Financial Capability of Adults with Disabilities” by the National Disability Institute, people with disabilities tend to seek medical care more frequently than others and often need a range of services, equipment and supports that are not be fully covered by insurance plans or other programs.”

“This outstanding debt can cause credit issues that could prevent a person from securing a loan.”

“Oftentimes, a medical bill is outstanding because the hospital failed to bill Medicaid or an insurance company for the service or never received payment due to an error by the Medicaid program or insurance firm. The errant process might lead the hospital to turn the bill over to a collection agency without the patient’s knowledge of payment problems.”

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