Ending Surprise Medical Bills is Harder Than It Looks

“Staggering surprise medical bills are finally getting some scrutiny from policymakers. But to take patients off the hook for those bills, the money has to come from somewhere else — usually from higher insurance premiums or out of doctors’ bottom lines,” Axios reports.

“Getting an unexpected bill for thousands of dollars is a gut-level problem. Yet that problem is a product of the health care system’s complexity, and every potential solution runs into roadblocks from an industry that wants to protect its profits, or skepticism from policy experts or political opposition.”

How it works:
  • You go to a hospital that takes your insurance, meaning the insurer and the hospital have agreed on a price for the services you’ll need.
  • But individual doctors within the hospital may not be part of the same insurance network. They’ve never agreed to the insurance company’s prices, so after the insurance company pays them, they send you a bill for the remaining balance — often thousands of dollars.
  • People in emergency situations who get taken to hospitals out of their insurance network can find themselves in a similar situation.

Read the whole piece at Axios for how to put a stop to this “balance billing.”

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