74% of Millennials Did Not Pay Their Medical Bills

A new TransUnion Healthcare Millennial Report found that in 2016, 74 percent of millennial patients did not pay their medical bills in full, compared to 68% for Gen X and 60% for Baby Boomers, according to HIT Consultant.

“Yet, seven in 10 Millennials said they would pay their medical bills in full if they had the money to do so. The report reveals that nearly six in 10 Millennials (57%) have little to no understanding of their health insurance benefits. This is significantly lower than other generations, including Gen X (50%) and Baby Boomers (42%).”

Other key insights of the report:

  • Approximately half of Millennials (46%) would be more apt to pay their medical bills if they were provided an estimate of their healthcare costs at the point of service.
  • Millennials also tend to have less understanding of recent trends in the healthcare space such as high deductible healthcare plans. More than ¼ of Millennials (26%) said they don’t understand high deductible plans, a higher level than Gen X (17%) and Baby Boomers (9%)
  • 35% of Millennials do not plan for medical or healthcare expenses as part of their budget
  • 80% of Millennials do not have a Health Savings Account in which to pay for out-of-pocket expenses
  • 37% of Millennials have private commercial health insurance
  • 51% of Millennials do not feel prepared to manage healthcare/medical expenses; compared to 42% of Gen-Xers and 33% of Baby Boomers
  • 40% of Millennials compare the cost of services by healthcare provider compared to 29% of Gen-Xers and 22% of Baby Boomers

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