Employers’ Role in Solving Surprise Medical Bills

Every American who gets private health insurance — most of whom get it through their jobs— is at risk of getting a surprise bill from hospitals, doctors, air and ground ambulances, and other providers.

Most believe that employers will need to be part of any solution, and they say they want this problem fixed.

Axios reports that the Brookings Institution has suggested legislative fixes that would force health care providers and the purchasers of care (employers and insurers) to agree on a couple things:
  • Patients should not be on the hook for surprise bills that are tied to emergencies, nor should they have to pay for care they receive at in-network hospitals where a specific doctor, like an anesthesiologist or a surgeon, turns out to be out-of-network.
  • Regulators should cap how much hospitals, doctors and others can charge in certain situations, and legislation should force fair arbitration when providers and insurers/employers can’t agree.

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