How to Get Help With Your Medical Bills

From Consumer Reports:

For big bills or complex cases, consider hiring a medical billing advocate. These experts typically charge $100 or more an hour. Some operate on contingency, taking a percentage of what they save you, usually 25 percent to 35 percent. Look for someone who offers a free initial consultation, get references, and ask about their experience with medical billing, especially with cases similar to yours.

Hiring an expert helped Townsend finally resolve his bill in March 2017, more than a year after his 10-day hospitalization. After an initial consultation with Adria Goldman Gross, owner of MedWise Insurance Advocacy, Townsend agreed to pay her 25 percent of whatever he saved. Gross filed an appeal with the insurer, which didn’t budge, then she spoke with the insurance division of the New York State Department of Financial Services. Gross also negotiated with the hospital, which agreed to write off the $75,000 in charges. After a reduction in her fee, Townsend paid Gross $17,000. He says he is okay with how it turned out. “It could have been a lot more,” he says.

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