Why Companies Should Care About Medical Bill Errors

Errors on medical bills are a more significant problem than you might think, according to Employee Benefits Adviser.

Experts say as many as 80% of medical bills in the U.S. contain errors, according to Derek Fitteron, CEO of Medical Cost Advocate, a medical billing review and negotiation firm focused on helping employees navigate the complexity of medical billing. For 25% to 30% of those bills, the error is a significant amount. In fact, an audit by credit rating agency Equifax found that for hospital bills totaling $10,000 or more, there was an average error of $1,300.

While errors can occur on any medical bill, they are more common on bills for inpatient care, complex medical procedures, care delivered by a medical specialist and care delivered by providers who are outside the employee’s health insurance provider network.

To counter lost productivity chasing down these errors, employers can provide employees with support services and tools. Educating employees through seminars, online tutorials, and handouts about the need to check medical bills and how to spot errors can arm them with the knowledge they need to advocate for themselves more efficiently.

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