Did Medical Debt Lead to a Murder-Suicide?

Police in Grand Forks, North Dakota have opened a homicide case — but aren’t currently seeking any suspects — after a woman and her three children were found dead in their home, the Fargo Forum reports.

Police suspect a murder-suicide may have taken place due to the stress on the family from unpaid medical bills.

A troubled picture emerged of the Volk household. Just over a week ago, Volk had posted a plea for monetary assistance to fundraising site GoFundMe, seeking help in a post titled “Living expenses due to medical bills.”

In the post, Volk said she and her two sons “suffer from mental illness, bi-polar, manic depression, autism” and that all had been “hospitalized for this.”

“I work full time but my wages have recently been garnished for medical bills,” she wrote. “I’m looking for help with 1 month’s bills to help get on our feet and look for a second job. I am trying to stay positive so I do not end up back in the hospital.”

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