Consultant Retires $1.2 Million in Medical Debt for Active Military and Veterans

RIP Medical Debt welcomes its newest benefactor who, with his own personal resources, determined to see $1,240,060.34 in unpaid medical debt abolished for veteran and active duty military personnel.

That donor is Craig Lack. A man described by Inc. magazine as “The most effective consultant you never heard of” and by Forbes magazine as “The Broker Whisperer.” He is also the author of Breaking Through the Status Quo, and Think and Grow Rich – Today.

We at RIP are always interested in the background and motivations of its donors, so we did a bit of research. As far as unpaid and unpayable medical debt for veterans go, it is apparent that Lack applied the lessons his books teach – first by not accepting the status quo that declares that medical debt will never go away, and next by using generosity thinking in solving a debt problem for people he likely will never meet.

When Craig first contacted RIP, it was to see if we could locate medical debt owed by teachers. That is not possible at this point for our nonprofit, but we pointed out one social group we could identify – veterans and military.

That was all Craig needed to hear. His donation was received, the search completed, and over the next several days medical debt forgiveness letters will be sent out to 734 people in 29 states relieving them of over $1.2M in unpaid bills. This letter references his company, EnergiUSA, as the benefactor making the gift possible.

“This debt has been canceled and abolished by us using a donation from Energi. Energi is working hard to help active military and veterans across this nation to get out from under the burden of healthcare debt.”

“I chose to approach this problem in this in this fashion because the brave men and women of this country voluntarily risk life and limb and it’s insulting that any health care provider or organization would prioritize profits over people,” said Lack. “The most important lesson to be learned is that we have the means to eradicate unpaid medical debt and help save people’s financial well-being.”

This is a timely donation for RIP, as our goal for 2018 is to abolish $50M in a #NoVetMedDebt campaign. Anyone else out there who might like to participate in this campaign are given the red carpet.

Col. (ret) Mikel Burroughs, who engineered the location and purchase of the debt as RIP’s VP of Debt Acquisition and Relief, had this to say: “These men and women fought and served for us; we need to fight and serve for them by eliminating the hardships of healthcare debt across this nation.”

RIP Medical Debt is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to solicit donations to enable it to go to the debt market and medical providers to purchase their unpaid and uncollectible debt for the sole purpose of having it abolished. As of January 2018, RIP has successfully abolished over $120,000,000 nationally in such debt since its launch in July, 2014.

RIP intends to raise enough donations this year to buy and abolish $50,000,000 in veteran and military medical debt.

For more information on the issues surrounding medical debt, please contact RIP Medical Debt.