Surprise Medical Bills Could Become a Thing of the Past in New Jersey

From the Bergen County Record:

Surprise medical bills have been estimated to add $1 billion to insurance costs in New Jersey and affect about 168,000 residents a year. They occur when patients go to a hospital that is part of their insurer’s network but providers affiliated with the hospital — such as anesthesiologists, pathologists, neonatalogists and specialized surgeons — are not in network. The average such bill is $2,500, one report said, but it can be much higher.

But under an effort by Gov. Phil Murphy, patients in New Jersey may soon get some relief from surprise medical bills, which can add thousands of dollars to health care costs even when patients think their care is covered by insurance.

A measure to rein in out-of-network charges and shine a light on both insurance coverage and physician and hospital fees is headed to the governor’s desk after nearly a decade of debate. The measure passed both houses of the Legislature despite strong opposition.

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