How to Reduce Your Medical Bills by Negotiating

Vice has an interesting profile:

Sarah has become an expert at talking hospitals into giving her lower prices. The 30-something suffers from an autoimmune disease and also has BRCA, the so-called breast cancer gene, so she’s spent a fair amount of time in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and imaging facilities. She estimates she’s spent an almost equal amount of time on the phone with providers’ billing departments and with her health insurance company, fighting or negotiating the cost of her care.

Her strategy: persistence, and, in some cases simply saying she’s not able to pay the bill. She always records the conversations and sometimes threatens that she has an attorney (even though she can’t afford one). “It’s like a part-time job pursuing it,” she said.

It doesn’t always work, but for her, it’s worth the effort. Over the years, she’s avoided paying nearly $5,000 worth of bills.

The piece is filled with good lessons for anyone dealing with large medical debt issues.

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