Millions Won’t Have Health Insurance Next Year

A new Urban Institute report finds that by 2019, 6.4 million fewer Americans are expected to have health insurance as a result of the GOP’s decision to get rid of the individual health care mandate and other policy changes made by President Trump.

Bloomberg has more on the impact:

Monthly payments for a traditional health insurance plan sold through Obamacare will go up by 18 percent, on average, in 43 states where there aren’t limits on less-comprehensive but less-expensive coverage the administration is calling for, according to the Washington-based policy group. The institute has previously studied the impact of making changes to the Affordable Care Act or other reductions in coverage.

Expanding access to short-term health policies, which can place limits on benefits and charge higher rates to sick people, draws healthy people out of the insurance pool. The tax law signed in December eliminated the requirement that all Americans have coverage or pay a fine. Combined, the result is higher premiums for those who continue to buy insurance under the law.

Axios: “The report is the first serious study to analyze the combined effects of several major health policy changes made under the Trump administration. Note that the effect is far off from what we’d see under a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, but represents the real-world significance of the pieces they were able to kill.”

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