How to Make Sense Out of Your Medical Bill

The Topeka Capital Journal interviews Larry Morris, administrative director of the revenue cycle for Stormont Vail Health, who says much of the confusion around medical bills is due to confusion about what their insurance will — and won’t — cover.

“Patients often find that one of the biggest frustrations is that they don’t understand why their insurance did not pay more for their visit,” Morris said. “Some patients do not have a good understanding of what a deductible or co-insurance is until they receive a patient statement. Patients often call in with questions, and we work to help explain it to them.”

People who would like to see more detail on their bill can contact customer service agents at the facility where they received their care to request an itemized listing of charges for the services they received.

“Patients can always contact customer service if they believe there is an error in what they were charged,” he said. “We will have the charge reviewed to verify accuracy. We will then contact the patient to explain why the charge is correct, or let them know there was an error and how we are correcting it.”


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