An Interactive Map of Household Debt

The Urban Institute has released a very cool interactive map which shows, county by county, what percentage of people have debt in collections.

Debt in collections includes past-due credit lines that have been closed and charged-off on their books as well as unpaid bills reported to the credit bureaus that the creditor is attempting to collect. For example, credit card accounts enter collections status once they are 180 days past due.

The map also breaks down debt by the race of debtors, the median amount they owe and how much of their debt is medical debt. It also shows the inverse relationship between overall debt and income and between medical debt and health insurance coverage.

Plus, you can zoom in to the state and even the county level to find out the specific debt-related demographics of different areas.

Perhaps not surprisingly, making more money and having health insurance tend to protect people from not being able to pay their bills.

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