Why You Should Dispute Your Medical Bills

Peter Dunn, writing for the Indianapolis Star:

First, call and ask questions about every single bill you receive. I know what you’re thinking: “That seems a bit much.” Nope. It’s not a bit much. For instance, I received a $225 bill in the mail the other day from my doctor’s office following a recent wellness visit, flu shot, and blood work. A bill for $225 seems reasonable for those services, until you remember that those services are all covered by my plan. In other words, I shouldn’t be paying a nickel. I called my doctor’s office, asked about the bill, and they informed me that they forgot to enter my insurance information into the system. Can you imagine how many errors like that occur on a daily basis?

Which brings us to strategy number two: Negotiate better pricing, before you receive service. Yes, talking money with a stranger while sitting in a hospital gown with your pants folded over the back of chair is an odd sensation, but it’s unfortunately necessary. “How much will this cost?” isn’t only a fair question, it’s nearly required.

If for some reason you’ve skipped strategy two, then you must employ strategy three: Use sites such as HealthCareBlueBook.com to retroactively negotiate bills.

If you follow these three strategies, you’ll be able to eliminate errors and pay the least amount of money for your care that’s possible.

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