Hospitals Brace For Unpaid Bills If GOP Balks On Children’s Healthcare

Hospitals are bracing for an increase in unpaid medical bills and related uncompensated care after the Republican-led Congress let funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program lapse, according to Forbes.

Congressional committees this week are working on language to renew the CHIP program after federal funding expired Saturday, Sept. 30, leaving coverage of 9 million children in doubt. What was thought to be a done deal with bipartisan agreement a month ago that CHIP would be renewed for five years has lately become bogged down in Congressional gridlock and charges of ineptitude against Republicans and the Trump White House…

Some states could begin to run out of money to cover children over the next three months, triggering an uptick in medical bills that could lead to layoffs and a freeze on capital spending.

Since the Affordable Care Act expanded coverage to more than 20 million Americans, hospital charity care and related uncompensated care expenses that include bad debt have dropped significantly.

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