This App Wants to Relieve America’s Medical Debt

With public figures like John Oliver helping to forgive large swaths of medical debt, charities have also risen to help ease the financial burden many Americans encounter when faced with paying for medical care, according to Fast Company.

The new Better app aims to provide an easy way for patients to deal with out-of-network medical bills:

Launched in June, the startup promises just a few simple steps: Visit a doctor, pay the bill, take a photo of the gibberish that is your bill, then let Better handle the entire claim process—from start to finish.  In exchange, the debt relief app takes 10% of the money you get paid back. If it turns out the claim is not covered by your insurance or the amount is applied to your deductible, the service is free of charge.

Out-of-network bills can be especially detrimental because the usual payment process can leave patients paying large sums of money out of pocket:

In general, if you visit a doctor who does not accept your insurance, you have to pay out of pocket and then get a paper with a code on it that is then meant to be sent to the insurance company in hopes of recouping your money.

The emergence of charities like Better help ease the strain of out-of-network expenses, which bankrupt thousands of Americans each year.

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