Researchers Kick Off Impact Study of Medical Debt Forgiveness

University researchers and others planning the nation’s first economic impact study of medical debt forgiveness recently met in New York for an historic “mini-summit.”

“The pending changes in national health care policy may vastly increase medical debt in America,” said Jerry Ashton, cofounder and Executive VP of RIP Medical Debt, a New York-based charity that locates, buys and forgives unpayable medical bills. “This economic impact study of medical debt forgiveness is urgent and important for how healthcare is approached in the future.”

“About 64 million Americans struggle with unpaid and unpayable medical debt annually, including those with health insurance,” said Craig Antico, RIP cofounder and CEO. “About 15 million people annually become insolvent from medical bills, using all of their savings and going into more debt for their health care. They often go without care because of the cost.”

Read more about the meeting here.

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