Many Americans Being Pestered About Medical Debt They Don’t Owe

A new analysis of federal data shows that too many Americans are being pestered to pay off medical debt that they don’t actually owe.

Consumerist: “The study’s authors analyzed nearly 18,000 medical debt collection complaints filed in the last three years with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and found that a majority of people who complained to the CFPB about this issue didn’t owe the debt they were being hassled about.”

“Nearly two-thirds of the 17,700 medical debt-collection complaints in the CFPB database were filed by people who didn’t owe the debt because it either wasn’t theirs, had already been paid, or had been discharged through bankruptcy.”

“Nearly 24% of consumers said the debt they were contacted about wasn’t theirs, 21% said the debt was paid, 15% said they weren’t given enough information to verify the debt, 8% said they weren’t given the right to dispute the debt, and 7% said the collector tried gave them the wrong amount.”

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